Project Brief
Design a promotional booklet for a new condominium project. Develop a market concept, name, logo, and graphic identity for the company. The main overall objective is to design and produce a mockup for a 6-spread booklet, plus cover and back for a fictional condo. 
• Company’s logo.
• Concept statement, and follow-through for the remainder of the six spread.
• Print brochure + folder + double-sided business card, mocked up.
• 3D Promotional Item as an extension to the print materials.
• Interactive PDF (Download).
Concept Articulation
In today’s world, we live apart from each other instead of together and the gap of old and young has become bigger and bigger. The Ewerk starts where other projects have ended and provides a living space for encounters to bring generations closer together. The experience of music does not depend on age, gender or nationality. However, it is in influenced by the actual living situation and the interactions between people. Music produces feelings of happiness and joy while every note creates a smile. It is this emotion that will transcend age and connect generations.
Logo Exploration

Final Logo Design

Condo Folder and Deliverables

3D Giveaway: Music Box

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