EWERK Berlin was a condominium brochure which advertised a neighborhood that connected people from all generations. The brochure’s core concept could be found within dance and music, because both have the ability to attract young as well as old people. The building itself came with a rich history of uses and appeared to be the perfect place of a new living- concept. Moreover, it brought people together— just like dancing— that would feel lost within the big city of Berlin.

Since the old EWERK used to be an underground techno club in the 90s, the brochure thematically continued this style. Bright colors and harsh contrasts form the buildings shape. Popular quotes from movies, actors and artists completed the idea of diversity within the musical experience.

The promotional brochure came packaged in a sleeve, similar to a record. Floorplans and business cards provided the reader with further information; while the three-dimensional music box, playing Harry Potter’s theme song, served as a little gift.

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