To celebrate forty creative years of design, SCAD’s anniversary gift box promotes the universities culture by sending out college merchandise.

The concept was developed through the philosophy of connecting art with science to form a unique and powerful way to educate young adults. Thus, the design reflects the combination of art, design and scientific milestones with the background of 1978; the year of SCAD’s foundation. A rocket shaped brush, a fountain pen with a disk, and a lightbulb with the tip of a pencil, were combined. The rocket stands for future-thinking, the disk for cultural heritage and the lightbulb for innovative ideas. The brush symbolizes creative freedom, the fountain pen symbolizes storytelling and the pencil symbolizes engineering.

All elements are used throughout the product and find various applications. The gift box itself was designed in reference to a vinyl record’s sleeve while the solar system on top remembers the Pioneer Venus Mission from 1978. Overall, the color is kept bright and vibrant on a dark gray background to foster the idea of endless space and endless creativity.

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