Project Brief
SCAD is a globally known design college with students from all parts of the world. However, people who are not so close to art and design, might not know as much about the school. Therefore, the SCAD Gift Box, filled with merchandise material can be handed out and sold to prospective students and their families.
• Gift Box
• T-Shirt
• Pencils, Eraser, Pencil Sharpener
• Sketchbook
• Information Flyer
Concept Articulation
SCAD is a place where students learn about art and design, but more important SCAD offers the bridge from education to a professional career. It uses technology to be up to date and to offer a high level of professionalism. Furthermore, SCAD established in 1978, a time of music, bright colors and the Pioneer-Venus Mission. Therefore, the anniversary edition of the SCAD gift box should incorporate the 70s as well as the visionary characteristics of the design environment.
The design uses different elements to illustrate the College’s past with its present. The layout of the box itself was inspired by a record disc and shows the solar system as a metaphor for technology and the Pioneer-Venus Mission.
The information flyer is shaped like honeycombs to relate to the Bee as the mascot of SCAD. 
The T-Shirt combines a rocket, a lightbulb and a pen to symbolize SCAD’s philosophy of visionary thinking, bright ideas and storytelling. 

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