Project Brief
Create a Perpetual Calendar which can be used year-independent. Use wood, cardboard or other materials.
• Perpetual Calendar
• Package for the Calendar
Thumbnail sketches of the perpetual calendar. The goal is to find a shape that supports the dates as well as the days. The whole structure should be slim and timeless. The separate components should form a sleek surface. 
Layout 01
A mechanism on the back allows the user to easily push out the cubes without loosing the sleekness of the structure. However, Layout 01 did not go beyond prototyping since the parts were to small and fragile. The whole structure was not stable enough.
Layout 02
Layout 02 builds up on Layout 01 but refines the sizes and orientation of the calendar. The overall structure becomes more stable as the parts hold each other and give the structure more stability.
Final Design
The final calendar displays the weekday as well as the month and the day of the month. Each date can be created by switching the existing cubes (no extra cubes needed). By using the buttons on the back, the cubes get pushed out and can be switched for another day.

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