Creative Brief
The focus of this project is to create a short visual story as well as to demonstrate your understanding of Motion Techniques. You need to incorporate sound in some fashion for this project, either with voice over, music, sound effects or a combination. Concept for Project: Manifesto
• HD 1920 x 1080 aspect ratio
• 24 FPS
• H.264 and Apple Pro Res compression
• Audio is a Must
Concept Articulation
• Smells bad
• Harmful for your baby
• Lungcancer
• Heart deseas
• Limited blood flow
• Changes the skin
• Reduces fertility
It is common sense that smoking cigarettes harms your body. However, still a lot of people smoke on a regular base. The #NoFilter Manifesto reinterprets the negative impact of smoking cigarettes by showing what a cigarette can do to you and your body.

Lungcancer & general dyspnea.

Decreased blood flow & heart problems.

Reduced fertility.

Change of the overall body appearance and faster skin aging.

Harmful for babies during and after pregnancy.

Overall smell and a bad breath.

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