Project Brief
Decide on a paper company and choose one line of the several lines that your paper company produces and promotes. You will design and produce a mockup for a bound 6-spread booklet, plus cover and back for your chosen paper company. You will also include three folds within the booklet (basic, accordion, roll, gate, poster, novelty, etc.). Following your choice of paper line, and keeping in mind various production techniques, you will need to conceptualize its promotion. The audience will, for the most part, be designers who need to produce printed pieces, and therefore pick up sample booklets from print shops to see how the ink/special effects reproduce on different types of paper stock. 
• Bound 6-Spread Booklet + Cover and Back.
• Including three folds within the booklet.
• Including metallic ink somewhere in the design.
• Including a UV-Varnish somewhere in the design.
Concept Articulation
Are you ready to start your mission cadet? This is your Mission Briefing and it comes directly from Neenah to guarantee a maximum of quality! We will guide you through your mission, the crew, your spacecraft and occurring dangers. The whole paper sample book tells a story of a hero and adventurer: you!

Final Paper Sample Booklet with Metallic Ink and UV-Varnish

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