Project Brief
Creating a timeline to visualize a process and to help the user understand a certain topic. Address a specific target audience and choose a medium to deliver the infographic.
• 40x40’’ poster
Concept Articulation
“What if we told y’all that once a month, half the human race is in pain? And the other half don’t wanna hear shit about it?”—Key & Peele. The infographic tries to fill the gap of information and approaches not just young teenage girls but also boys and parents as well. The idea is to create a platform which makes it easier to talk about the female body. Therefore, the infographic can be placed in a doctor’s office as well as schools or the private bathroom at home. The point is to break with the taboo.​​​​​​​
Used Icons
Everyday our bodies are constantly changing. Part of these changes are caused by several hormones. Each hormone has a special role and a certain time of interacting with the body. The diagram displays when and how strong a hormone interacts at each day.
The color scheme is intentionally kept neutral to address teenagers from all cultures and social backgrounds. The icons visualize the cycle in a humorous way and support an easy understanding of the topic. 

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