Pochteca was the branding of local Savannah Café which specialized on a variety of cocoa products. Visitors could not only use the menu to order food or beverages, but also to flip through the café’s own recipe book.

The overall concept and the name itself were based of the traveling merchants in the Aztec Empire, the Pochteca. They ran a small but very important business. They connected the villages with each other by bringing information, telling stories or to trade luxury goods; such as the fruit of gods, or as we would say today cocoa. Thus, the café incorporates all these elements and creates a magical story around chocolate.

The Aztecs were mystic folk full of legends which was reflected by the overall theme of the brand. The package is designed as a treasure chest with a hidden mechanism to pull out the menu or the recipe book. The brochure uses ancient imagery while focusing on luxury chocolate creations to promote the café.

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