Project Brief
A vendor at the Forsyth Farmers market has been selling their products to all of the local restaurants. After years of watching their success, they’ve decided it’s time to open their own. A regular customer, you’ve been asked to design the: Identity program, Restaurant & a Cookbook/Journal.
• Brand Identity
• Food & Drink Menu
• Website
• Cookbook/Journal
Concept Development

• family: all the descendants of a common ancestor.
• indigenous people (Aztecs): originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.
• treasure: a very valuable object.
• doorstep: a step leading up to the outer door of a house.
• visionary: relating to or able to see visions in a dream or as a supernatural apparition.
• quality: general excellence of standard or level.
• exotic: of a kind not used for ordinary purposes or not ordinarily encountered.
The combination mark uses arrows which point in opposite directions as a metaphor for two villages. The Pochteca is in between and travels along the path that connects both places.
Concept Articulation
Pochteca were the traveling merchants in the Aztec Empire. They run a small but very important business because they connected cities and people with each other. It was not unusual for them to travel for months, far away from their homes, to trade luxury goods, exchanging information or to tell adventurous stories. 

Cocoa was one of their goods and was a valuable gift which was reserved for the upperclass. Cocoa beans were also called the fruits of the gods and people said they have magical powers. The chocolate café continues the legend of the luxury cocoa beans and their storytelling traders, the Pochteca. 

The cookbook and the menus are packaged in a wooden box which the customer has to open. The idea is to find the treasures that Pochteca holds for you.

Postcards & Business Cards

Postcards and Business Cards are available at the Cafe to advertise the store.


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