Project Brief
Creating a movie poster by picking a genre and coming up with a name. The poster will have the main imagery, movie title, tag line, movie credits, studio/production logos. Images for this movie poster should be original work of the designer (No Internet images can be used).The imagery develops in Photoshop and must help support the idea/story behind the movie.
• 12x18’’ flush mounted poster
Concept Articulation
ARID tells the dramatic story of four friends who are on a road trip through the Atacama Desert in Chile. Everything seems to be fine until their car gets stolen by a group of young prison escapees. Without food and water, the group needs to find a way out of their miserable situation. Time becomes their biggest problem!
Used Images
All assets for this project were created by myself and capture the theme of the Atacama Desert. The desert itself is known for being the driest nonpolar place in the world. However, caused by its location to the sea, it is a very cold place with temperatures below the freezing point at night.
The poster illustrates the loneliness and rough characteristics of the situation in which the travelers got into. Therefore, the colors are cool and naked. The hourglass brings the element of time into the poster and ironically works with sand which, in this case, works against the friends. The only hope to survive are some raising clouds at the horizon. 

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